Monday, March 8, 2010

Brides On A Budget!

Hello to all you brides trying to stay within your budget!

I thought I would share some budget friendly tips that helped me and other fellow brides stay within out budgets for our BIG day. These are just a few so feel free to share your tips as well.

-Use a local flower warehouse
-Have a lunch reception instead of dinner time reception
-Never be afraid to NIGOTIATE with your vendors. The worst answer will be no but at least you tried!
-If the time allows, shop around before making quick purchases. This will help for your dress, invitations, wedding party gifts, etc.
-Have food stations for your meal instead of a plated sit down meal
-Keeping your wedding party small with help with wedding party expenses and stress!
-Figure out what elements of you wedding are most important and spend the extra money there
-Having your wedding on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday can save a ton of money off not only the ceremony & reception site but some of your other vendor as well. Make sure to ask about these discounts
-DIY projects can save you a lot of money because you can make only the amount you need rather than buying in large quantities, works great for favors, invitations, menus, place cards, table numbers, etc.
-Having a candy bar for the favors can save a huge amount of money as well as guest can take the "favor" if they wish therefore, cutting down on wasted premade favors
-Wedding cupcakes instead of wedding cake can be less expensive but also may allow you to save on that pesky "cake cutting fee" reception sites charge

Happy Planning!


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