Monday, March 22, 2010

Advice: Looking Back, What I would Have Done Different

Now that is has been almost 1 year since my wedding, I have done a lot of looking back on how things turned out and what I would have done differently.

Jeren and I had a very long engagement of 1 1/2 years and I think that would have been my first thing I would have changed. About half way through we were both wishing that the big day would be here and all the planning stress would be over. We had a LOT of family involvement which made things quite stressful at times since between us we have 8 parents...yes 8 parents! Due to the long engagement I feel like I procrastinated on the little details since I knew I had a long time to plan. The last few months went by so fast and I soon realized that I had waited too long to start on some of my DIY projects, therefore they were either rushed or not added into the wedding. I look back now and really wish I would have had some of those little details I kept seeing in my head all along.

The second and one of the most important things I would have changed looking back is not using a family friend as our photographer. I won't say much because it gets me so upset but this is one of the most important decisions you have in planning your wedding so take it seriously. Remember, you CANNOT redo your wedding pictures so what you get is what you get. This makes me so sad :(

Another thing I might have done differently is my dress. I only looked at dresses twice before buying the one I loved. The only problem, it was the last one available since the design was being discontinued AND it was a size 12. The reason this was such a problem...I am a size 1! I was determined to make the dress fit and be perfect so I found an amazing seamstress. After about 12 dress fittings the dress was practically a custom design and I loved it. Looking back at pictures I don't think that we were able to get the exact perfect fit that I was looking for but that could just be my OCD kicking in. My recommendation, find a dress that you love and you won't have to have it completely remade. It was an interesting process where I was able to spend time with my Mom, MOH, and Bridesmaids but it was very stressful at the same time since I had no idea what the finally product was going to be.

Well, I am sure over the next few months I will think up some other things I would have done a little differently but for now these are my thoughts! Hope it helps in your planning process.

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