Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Favor Ideas I Love!!

Hope you enjoy the favor inspiration board. I love favors in general because there are so many great ideas but I personally feel that they should be something that your guests can really use. Let's face it; wedding favors can be very costly depending on the size of your guest list. Why give them something that might go to waste?

At my wedding we decided to have "G" shaped cookies for out last name and a candy bar. The candy bar concept has become very popular in the last few years and still is. It is a great idea because you can tie in your colors and your guests can take what they like. The candy bar and other edible favors are great because they are usually a little less expensive and won't go to waste because you know someone will eat them!

I also like the other ideas below such as flip flops in your colors, fans, etc. because not only do they tie into your wedding but they can be used right then and there.

Happy Planning!


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